mei 17, 2013


I've got some news for you guys! I'm moving! No, not into a new house again, but to another website. Since I've recently discovered the pro's and perks of Wordpress, I decided to take my website to the next level, mix up the design a little and move.

So as of today the new and improved Xanns place can be found RIGHT HERE! Come visit!

mei 15, 2013


There's a new famous H&M'er in town! This time it's my fellow Dutchie Doutzen Kroes posing for what I think is the new summer collection, considering the collection is said to contain shirts and tops not suitable for what the weather looks like here most of the time. And, with the photos being shot in Mexico and all, it looks very sunny.

Of course Doutzen is a model so she didn't design any of this, like Beyoncé did. But still. She posted this photo on her Twitter-account last week and I have to say: looking good! I'm really curious to see what this collection will look like.

mei 11, 2013


Everybody knows I love a little Tommy Hilfiger every now and then (when it's on sale, mostly) so it may come to no surprise that I have to share their new campaign. Especially since it's called Surf Shack.

I've been surfing for a couple of times in my life and I have to say: I love it. Even though I suck and fall flat on my face in the salty water every time. Which is very bad for your skin, and ego, I can tell you that much. The fun part is way better to focus on: cute boys. Cute surfer boys with flowy blond hair. Hello!

Anyway, back to Tommy. The Surf Shack collection consist of fun printed blazers, comfy cotton dresses, cute looking shorts and much, much more beachy stuff. Also: look at the accessories. Those espadrilles can come visit my shoe-closet any time.

mei 08, 2013


You take a beautiful misty forest in Versailles, add beautiful models and gorgeous clothes and what do you get? The new Dior-campagne!

This fairytale-looking photo, shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, is the only image I've seen so far, but it looks like it's gonna be one hell of a campaign. All models are wearing the winter collection by Raf Simons and are looking great. It's called Secret Garden 2 - Versailles and is -obviously- the sequel of the incredibly successful Secret Garden video which you see below.

I can't wait for this next movie that'll be on Dior's website as of june. 

mei 06, 2013


Yesterday, May 5th we celebrated our freedom since the second world war. Which means: party! Though I had a really calm day actually. Laying out in the sun with some drinks. Can everyday be like this? O, and: yay, summer is finally here!

april 29, 2013


Did you hear yet? There's gonna be a new Romeo and Juliet movie! This is the trailer right here. I have to have to have to see this one. This is my favorite lovestory ever. And the guy playing Romeo (Douglas Booth) is totally cute. Also: Ed Westwick is in it. Which is my one reason to watch any movie really. Even though I'm not quite liking the long hair.

Anyway, my point is: just watch this! And you know where I'm gonna be this July, when Romeo and Juliet is coming to theaters.

april 23, 2013


H&M had been doing great! Their Conscious line is gorgeous, they have their famous designer-collaborations and of course Beyoncé designing a part of their swimwear collection.

Now they have another line to add to their list. H&M is designing the outfits for the winter Olympics in 2014! They will be dressed in typical Swedish colors like dark blue and yellow when they work their ass off in Sotsji. I can't wait to see the final result. It must be such a challenge to design outfits like those weird looking ice skating suits.

But that's not all. Rumor has it, H&M will also design the clothing for the Swedish team going to the summer Olympics in 2016! That means track suits, bathing suits and running gear. Let's hope this stuff will be in stores too.

april 09, 2013


My favorite Dutch stylist Manon Meijers launched a brand new website recently, called Mon Style. It just started, but the website already made it onto my favorites-list. I recently interviewed her for Ze. Manon breaths fashion, you can tell that just by looking at this website. So you better!

april 03, 2013


I love ice cream and of course I love shoes, if you haven't noticed. So what's better than combining the both? Karl Lagerfeld must have read my mind -lol- cause he designed these ice cream  shoes for Melissa. Aren't they cute? There's one downside though: it makes me hungry.